Reporters United is a network of reporters aiming to support investigative journalism in Greece, collaborate in cross-border investigations with international journalists and media, and publish stories that often struggle to find their place in the Greek press.


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09.04.2021Secrets of the Council

Behind closed doors: Secret deals in the Council of the EU

In the Council of the EU officials from Europe's national governments negotiate laws in secret. This approach to legislating falls short of the democratic standards enshrined in the EU’s own treaty and allows for shady deals behind the backs of voters.

Reporters United joins the Global Investigative Journalism Network!

Reporters United has become the first newsroom in Greece to participate as a member in the Global Network of Investigative Journalism (GIJN), one of the most important investigative journalism organizations in the world.

The Energy Charter Treaty: How shadow courts could prolong Europe’s fossil age

Watch the animation of Investigate Europe exposing how the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) allows oil and gas companies to sue states when they change their policies in order to to tackle climate change. The animation is produced by Reporters United.

Reporters United’s funding policy in 53 words: We do not accept money from the state and corporations, from the EU Commission and big foreign governments. Likewise, we do not accept funding from foundations, Greek or international, if they dominate public life. Furthermore the network’s reporters are bound by rules on conflicts of interest.
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It is our strategy to build partnerships with organisations inside and outside of journalism in Greece and abroad as the challenges of journalism today go far beyond the capacity of the traditional reporter. We have already begun several official collaborations with technologists, lawyers, cross-border journalism networks, organizations that promote transparency and accountability in order to tackle ad hoc issues that have to do with our development and our goals.


Reporters United aims to produce and publish investigative journalism in Greece and internationally, when possible in partnerships with international media. Here’s a list of some of the news outlets we have worked with during 2020.