Derailed — The desolate state of European railways

“From road to rail” has been the mantra of authorities across Europe for decades, yet the railways all over Europe seem to be in worse state than 20 years ago despite four European rail packages. Watch the animation of Investigate Europe about the demise of the EU’s railway system. The animation is produced by Reporters United.

29 March 2022
29 March 2022

[κείμενο Νικόλα]

The full investigation is available here.

You can see all the animations produced by Reporters United here.

The investigation will soon be published in Greek.

Animation Credits
Art Direction & Motion Graphics Design: Alexia Barakou
Sound design: Aris Athanasopoulos
Narration: Pavlos Zafiropoulos
Produced by Reporters United (Athens, Greece)

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