Sotiris Sideris

Data journalist and co-founder of AthensLive, Greece’s first english-language non-profit media outlet. As a 2019/2020 Bertha Fellow, he has been investigating Greece’s housing market and the socioeconomic inequities impacting the most vulnerable in society. He is also serving as a research associate in the M.Sc. program Digital Communication Media and Interaction Environments at the University of Athens, and is collaborating with the european investigative journalism network Arena Housing Project. He has worked at the NGO Network for Children’s Rights as the coordinator and editor-in-chief of the multilingual newspaper Migratory Birds, and as a producer and researcher for the national TV documentary series Citizens of Europe. He holds an MA in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam and a BA in Communication and Media Studies from Panteion University. In 2017, he was granted a scholarship from Stavros Niarchos Foundation to participate in Lede 12, a program on computational journalism and data analysis from Columbia University.