Derailed — The desolate state of European railways

“From road to rail” has been the mantra of authorities across Europe for decades, yet the railways all over Europe seem to be in worse state than 20 years ago despite four European rail packages. Watch the animation of Investigate Europe about the demise of the EU’s railway system. The animation is produced by Reporters United.

Dirty Subsidies: How Europe sabotages its own climate goals

2020 was supposed to be the year the EU would launch its ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis. But why does Europe sabotage its climate goals by subsidising the fossil sector by more than €137 billion per year? Our latest animation based on Investigate Europe's reporting.

COVID-19: A vaccine, but for whom?

Beyond the scientists’ race against time, the greed of pharmaceutical companies which keep intellectual property locked away and sell vaccines to governments at undisclosed profits, despite benefitting from billions of euros of public subsidies.

Secrets of the Council

The Council of the European Union: 27 Governments. 150 committees. Unnamed diplomats. Secret negotiations. Thousands of paragraphs written into the laws that govern our lives. Our animation based on Investigate Europe's project.

How Europe detains minor migrants

Under international and European law, migrant children should be given protection and humanitarian assistance. Detention must only be used as a last resort. But how do European governments really treat this most vulnerable group? Our new investigation shows that migrant children are detained en masse, with seemingly little regard for their well-being. Our animation based on Investigate Europe's investigation.