Resources: “The murky waters of the Laskaridis shipping empire”

A detailed guide on the resources behind the investigation.

1 March 2021

Read the full investigation: The murky waters of the Laskaridis shipping empire.

1. Correspondence with the Laskaridis family

Full responses given by the Laskaridis family and their representatives to the questions put by email by Reporters United.

Responses from the Laskaridis family to Reporters United

2. Documents

Equasis records for each of the 14 Laskaridis ships held at port, and the three Laskaridis family companies (Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd, Lavinia Corp., Baltmed Reefer Services Ltd.). The documents are published on the DocumentCloud platform.

Vessels held at port

Laskaridis family companies

3. Tables and maps

[Map] Ports where Laskaridis company ships were held at port

[Table] List of ships connected to Laskaridis shipping empire

[Table] Skyfrost: Port inspections and deficiencies

[Table] Proteas: Port inspections and deficiencies

[Table] Thisseas: Port inspections and deficiencies

[Table] Uruguay Reefer: Port inspections and deficiencies

Open data sources

Equasis – information on ownership and management of vessels, flag, deficiencies and detentions relating to port inspections.
MoU Paris – information on port inspections carried out under the Paris MoU.
MoU Tokyo – information on port inspections carried out under the Tokyo MoU.
Open Corporates – information on company ownership.
Global LEI Index – Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) information.

5. Reports

Fishy Business: How transhipment at sea facilitates illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing that devastates our oceans, Greenpeace, 2020
Monster Boats: The scourge of the oceans, Greenpeace, 2014

6. Tools

DocumentCloud – for document publication.
Datawrapper – for data visualisation.

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